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Canadian Made Parkas: The Evolution of a Popular Winter Garment!

The parka is a winter garment that has deep history in Canada. North of the Arctic Circle, indigenous people for centuries made their own garments from caribou and seal hides to protect themselves from the elements. Coated in fish oil, the parka protected from heavy snow fall and fierce winds.

The modern parka echoes the early designs and is identified by the iconic fur-lined hood and knee-length down-filled jacket. Down was introduced as an insulator in the 40s and is a highly coveted material for high-quality parkas. The best Canadian-made parkas use real down as opposed to synthetic materials. Goose or duck feathers create a down material that traps warm air within the layers of the jacket, keeping you nice and warm while the weather outside is frightful. Duck down provides a high level of fill power, or insulation, and is more affordable than goose down. Men’s, women’s and children’s down coats and jackets are available from coast-to-coast – from the blustery streets of Toronto to the freezing temperatures of the Prairies to the N’or Easters of Atlantic Canada. No matter where you are in this fine land, Canadian-made parkas are available to purchase from top outfitters and will ship free across Canada. This winter bundle up with a parka made for Canadians, by Canadians. Those who know the nature of the Great White North have designed a garment that will allow you to embrace winter, not hide from it!
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The Canadian Arctic is a place with deep rooted traditions and customs. For centuries, the Canadian Inuit faced the harsh winter head-on and used nature around them to protect them from the elements. Originally made from caribou or seal skins, the parka was invented by the Caribou Inuit to keep warm as temperatures plummeted and the wind raged across the land. The hides were coated in fish oil to keep water from permeating through. Over the years, the parka evolved, as European influences injected into the northern culture. Throughout the 1900’s, clothing materials and production techniques evolved rapidly, and more people gained access to using this garment to handle the intense winter weather in Canada. Down was introduced in the 1940’s as a natural isolative material and provided added warmth to the wearer.

The anatomy of a parka is purely functional – a fur-trimmed hood, knee-length down-lined jacket with deep front pockets. The fur is an essential part of the jacket – it protects the face from biting cross-winds and closes in heat. The best Canadian-made parkas use duck down – making the jacket more affordable. "Real” down when taken care of properly, can last for years and will most certainly outlast poly-fill jackets. Some will argue that synthetic down material dries faster than natural down – and they are correct. However, Canadian outfitters combat this by using a polymer spray on the down to waterproof it. Lastly, down retains its shape better and longer making it a top choice for style. Canadian-made parkas are highly sought after because of the fabric quality and the natural materials still used in each of the garments produced

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